Moving Appliances In Home
In home Appliance Repair Damages – Moving Appliances:

When requesting for In-Home Repairs you must read and agree to the following:
If your unit is covered by an in-home warranty or if you have made arrangements personally for a service call, please be aware that you must make the unit accessible to the service personnel.
If the service personnel or you deem that moving the unit may cause damage to your property (such as scratches to flooring, dings/dents in walls etc.) please make the unit accessible in advance or/and take all the necessary steps to protect your property.
After all the tech is not qualified to install, uninstall or move appliances - that job lies with plumbers, electricians and/or appliance movers.
The tech is there to repair your appliance. Although the technician can and will be as careful as possible when moving appliances, he will not and cannot be responsible for damages to your property when moving your appliance. You must agree to the above before the repair can commence.

Example 1:
A refrigerator needs a compressor replacement, and the fridge needs to be pulled out.
If you have a floor liner or wood floor, protect your floor with a sheet of thin plywood where the fridge can be rolled onto. When the fridge is out, protect the surroundings as tools and parts will be handled and moved. Brazing will generate fumes; you must have air draft where old air can escape and where fresh air can be replaced. Open doors, windows and turn on fans. You can use old blankets, sheets and/ / or plywood or other suitable material to protect your property

Example 2:
Dishwasher motor replacement or finding a leak
In these cases, the dishwasher needs to be pulled out and laid onto its side. When a dishwasher is installed correctly the technician will be able to do that without disconnecting power, water intake and the drain hose.
Make sure the dishwasher is pulled out and that the dishwasher can be tested while in an open position. As part of the repair the technician will unscrew the dishwasher, pull it out and carry out the repair, however moving tiles, trims, disconnecting power or plumbing is not part of the appliance repair and can cause damage to property and very expensive technician’s time.

Example 3:
Cooking range removal.
Please make the cooking range available in an open space where the tech can carry out the repair and has access the front, back and sides. Protect your floor and home with suitable materials like wood products, plastic, blankets and sheets. The tech has not superhuman strength and sometimes you will need more than one person to place the range in an open position where the repair can be carried out. It is the responsibility of the customer to protect the floor and other properties and create access to all sides of the stove so that the repair can be carried out.